Rainmaker teams up with PathDAO to Satisfy All Of Your P2E Gaming Needs

The gaming industry has been growing rapidly in the past year and so has play-to-earn gaming. This has been a direct result of the blockchain gaming metaverse helping to put earnings back into the community, allowing for a new age of pay-to-play and pay-to-earn games.

More games are now blooming with this P2E vision, so we are only at the very beginning. PathDAO helps both retail investors and gamers alike to participate in this opportunity.

Introducing PathDAO

PathDAO was born with a vision to navigate the blockchain gaming and NFT-scape through asset management as well as helping players, gamers and people who are looking for a path forward in this new age of play-to-earn gaming. For gamers PathDAO focuses on expanding its community footprint both online and offline through community and gaming events while investors can expect the development of on-chain voting and performance dashboards to streamline the way they interface with the PathDAO ecosystem.

PathDAO’s founding team is based in Southeast Asia, the epicenter of global P2E activity. The team has a strong track record in decentralized finance (DeFi), guild-building and in-game asset management.

A Powerhouse of a Partnership

Rainmaker will be teaming up with PathDAO to provide value in the metaverse for both investors and players.

We believe that players and creators play a crucial role in the blockchain ecosystem and plans to help creators kick start their journey through community seeding, celebrity NFT launches and much more.

Our vision with PathDAO is to leverage the onboarding and conversion of the masses of gamers users into the P2E space using blockchain gaming as a gateway. Tapping into the massive whitespace of Web2 gamers and the rapidly-growing gaming industry.

Rainmaker encourages our community to get familiar with PathDAOs 2022 roadmap, and to look out for more exciting announcements soon.

About PathDAO

PathDAO is a community-first, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that creates value for investors and players in the growing blockchain gaming and metaverse. PathDAO’s main focus is on building a play-to-earn gamer community, investing in blockchain game assets and creating a platform for innovative blockchain games and non fungible token (NFT) projects.

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About Rainmaker Games

Rainmaker Games is a free global platform to play hundreds of P2E games — connecting gamers, games, and guilds worldwide.

Our platform allows gamers of all levels to join for free and start playing. They’ll get to seamlessly switch between games, manage earnings, watch game reviews, train, and chat with Rainmakers around the globe. As a player improves, they can level up to better NFTs and get Guild Verified to unlock access to scouting from top guilds around the world. We are the portal to P2E gaming — unlocking financial freedom for all and connecting the industry like never before.

Welcome to the future of P2E Gaming.

Welcome to Rainmaker Games.

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The free global platform to play hundreds of Play-to-Earn games, connecting gamers, games, and guilds worldwide.

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Rainmaker Games

Rainmaker Games

The free global platform to play hundreds of Play-to-Earn games, connecting gamers, games, and guilds worldwide.

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