Rainmaker Games Stands Alongside Nitro League In The P2E Ecosystem

Rainmaker is excited to work together with one of the space’s premiere play-to-earn game and metaverse ecosystem, Nitro League, to expand the reach of Rainmaker Games’ vision to empower play-to-earn gamers, games, and guilds.

In Nitro League, all assets are NFTs, from cars and garages, through to teams, racing tracks, clothes, land, real estate and so forth. Therefore, you will be able to, not only to race your friends in an amazing environment, but also collect any of these assets and on any NFT marketplace, or showcase them across the metaverses.

A Great Foundational Experience

This game plans to provide a P2E gaming experience that is different from the rest.

In many P2E games the style of play can be fairly simple and can be compared to gaming in the early days. Nitro League focuses on skill-based play, which gives everyone an equal playing field and promotes competitive spirit alongside casual play.

Nitro plans to provide ranked gameplay and experience and reputational points to both gamers and cars. This is something that is not present in all P2E games which leaves no player hierarchy and can result in certain players dominating, while weaker players have an unenjoyable experience. Nitro league focuses on balance as well as ranked play to aid with this issue.

The Combination of marketplace, savvy development, innovative technology, and great game design propels Nitro to be a powerhouse in the P2E community.

After a successful IDO, focus on delivering a great game experience

Last December, Nitro League completed a successful IDO of its $NITRO token over three platforms: Polkastarter, Polygen and Copper. The token is already available on UniSwap and QuickSwap, coming to other exchanges soon.

Now Nitro League focuses on releasing concept art, game design teasers, and full immersive NFT assets. You can check the recently launched set of genesis 3D cars on https://terravirtua.io/NitroLeague.

A Formatable Partner in the P2E Gaming Scene.

Nitro League is designed to provide a powerful gaming experience with solid tokenomics and non fungible tokens, an integrated NFT marketplace and an expanding metaverse to host a growing ecosystem of gamers, creators, games and other service providers. Rainmaker games continues to work together to bring more players into the NFT gaming space and provides them an opportunity to get started. Being the largest gamer database for NFT games, this is a match made in heaven for everyone involved.

One of Nitro League’s main ways to increase revenue streams are sales of in-game NFTs, guild ownership revenues and other in-game and metaverse-based revenue sources. This allows for creator, social and gaming economies to flourish, empowering users to create and own assets such as skins, cars, teams, competitions and even racing tracks.

This combination is a perfect fit, as this sandbox of a game and metaverse is nicely matched with a global platform that’s main focus is to bring together NFT gaming communities. On one hand, you have a platform to bring people together, on the other, a foundationally sound game and metaverse that promotes selling and buying NFTs, engaging users’ creativity, interests and skills.

This partnership will drive the matching vision of the two companies, which is to improve the growing crypto community. Rainmaker Games partnership with Nitro League Game is one of many more that will be announced over the coming months.

Nitro League is looking forward to working with Rainmaker Games to open up the world of P2E games for all. We cannot wait to see what’s coming.

About Nitro:

Nitro League is a decentralized play-to-earn racing game, bringing together great gameplay, token economies and the metaverse. They are built by a team with 500M app store downloads and crypto projects and economies worth 3B+. All in-game assets and utilities are NFTs with cutting-edge gameplay mechanics.

Upgrade your NFT car with rare parts to increase market value, as well as increase your chances of winning more races. Custom designs, skins and more will become available with new partners coming on board.







About Rainmaker:

The P2E industry has exploded in popularity and is only continuing to grow. The idea of earning money by playing games has energized the world and brought hope to financially literate people across the planet. Sadly, with the hope of P2E came a lot of barriers to entry. The cost to play is high, learning about it is confusing, and access to guilds is limited and in high demand.

Rainmaker is building the largest global player platform and in turn, the largest P2E data powerhouse. They will become a central hub and launchpad for games, plus an invaluable data source for guilds to build better data-backed teams. They will in turn use the data to drive a flawless user interface and tailor each individual player’s UI to games that match their interest and skill level, as well as paired video training content. For the first time, Play-to-Earn gaming has a home.

Welcome to the future of P2E Gaming.Welcome to Rainmaker Games.

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The free global platform to play hundreds of Play-to-Earn games, connecting gamers, games, and guilds worldwide.

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The free global platform to play hundreds of Play-to-Earn games, connecting gamers, games, and guilds worldwide.

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